Updated April 24, 2002


They're Alive and Well!

The Knaves are still surviving, if not as publicly, thanks in part to THFra niccolo, the newsletter editor/publisher. He has published three issues of the newsletter with another due out when we get enough articles of all sorts.  Unfortunately, distribution of the print edition is still limited.  We had  also been making headway in raising capital to purchase a digital duplicator to produce the newsletter.  Once we get that, subscriptions may be a thing of the past once again, and the Stumbling Peasants may resurrect again.  Niccolo has made several ventures to raise funds for the Knaves.  The Knaves fund is still intact from donations and funds raised.  If you can host a non-fundraiser on behalf of the Knaves, please contact us and get the funds to niccolo.  We maintain the funds, and will use them as promised for Kanves venture.

Ansel is back, but not active,

We welcome our co-founder, Ansel the Barrister, and his family back to Geirgia after a two year exile to Pennsylvania.  They moved into their new home September 2000, and immediately had his first single step infusion mash pale ale going.  This is a man who loves beer and brewing.  He is taking time with family and loving that time.  He is with us in spirit if not in tamkard.

What's Brewing/KEG

Look for the Knaves of Grain at Pennsic War 2002 when we present ourselves and our skills at the Meridian Party by invitation of Her Majesty Meridies.  We are gathering interested brewers, and will gleefully enhance their efforts that evening.  As always, there is no remuneration for this, and all items are donated by the individual Knaves appearing.  If you want to sprout a Knaves expeditionary Group near you . . . DO IT!!  Simply let people know you are willing, and get some folks to help.  Your hospitality will spawn generosity.  Just let us know so we can tell everyone of your successes and your plans.  You have our complete, 300-person, moral support.  If you want us to attend an event near you in Meridies, email THL Ansel or THFra niccolo with details.

We are hosted, generally, on a new server, and will move again to a new home in the near future for www.knavesofgrain.com!!  Once we get our new server settled, we will move these pages to that URL.  There will be a directing page here at that point.

So what is this Knaves of Grain thing?

The Knaves of Grain are an unaffiliated group of homebrewers, vinters, mead and cordial makers, and stewards who are also members of the Society for Creative Anachronism, a historical reenactment group focusing on the Middle Ages. We make beers, ales, meads, wines, and cordials. We conduct various brewing activities including displays, classes, competitions, tastings, and parties.

Worthy, yet simple goals of the Knaves:

Making stuff to drink.

Making it better (takes lots of practice, and millions of yeast lives are sacrificed).

Getting more people into brewing.

Increasing (and decreasing) the Known World alcohol supply.

Showing the populace that all beer doesn't have to taste like Budweiser.

Any brewer, vintner, or cordial maker, or anyone interested in learning to make beer, ale, mead, wine, or cordials, or in stewarding brewing competitions, is welcome. Join today! Contact Drahomira the Mapmaker's Daughter for more information, and to join the growing Roll Call.

Knaves' Roll Call

The latest membership roll for the Knaves. Are you here? If not, why not? It's free and fun.

For a look at articles from our print newsletter, Stumbling Peasants, click here.
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For questions or comments on future activities of the Knaves, contact one of the steering committee members listed here.


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