Cemolella Ciciliana

#28 Falla cocere in brodo grasso, ponendola a pocho nela pignata, menando continuamente cum lo cughiaro; he falla bulliere per spacio de meza hora supre la braxe longe dal focho; poi fa le menestre he meteli sopra caso he specie.  Alla Quaresima la po fare cum latte de amandole he zucaro he aqua rosata.

Sicilian Semolina Dish (#28)
 Cook the semolina in fat a broth adding it little by little to the pot, stirring constantly with a spoon.  Boil it for half an hour on the coals away from the fire; then dish it up and put cheese and spices on top.
 During Lent you can make this with almond milk, sugar and rosewater.

Serves 8-10   preheat stockpot to hold broth

1 c. Semolina  c. grated parmesan or other hard grating cheese
3 c. Chicken broth pinch Menagier Fine Spice for garnish
salt to taste

Bring broth or water to boil with a pinch of salt.  Add semolina gradually, stirring constantly.  Bring back to simmer and reduce heat to simmer until done, stirring regularly, and all liquid is absorbed.  Stir in grated cheese.  Place on serving dish and sprinkle lightly with spice powder and more cheese. Serve warm.

NOTES:  Make a little more than you expect to need. It is a hit.  You can use water or vegetable stock, but the recipe will suffer. Be sure to season adequately water or vegetable stock.  Other animal stock will work as well, but chicken offers lightness.  This will thicken as it cooks. Stop short of the doneness/consistency you desire.  The cheese will bind it more.  Too much cheese will overwhelm this dish.

Scully, T. (2000).  Cuoco Napoletano - The Neapolitan Recipe
        Collection: a critical edition and English translation.
        Ann Arbor: University of Michigan Press.)

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